The Zawahiri Strike

Men like Ayman al-Zawahiri seldom die of old age. He avoided detection since 9/11 and was proficient in being invisible. He probably never wanted a missile hit to take him out, but then the alternate of being captured was equally terrible. It was just a matter of time. The strike on a Sunday morning at […]

The Year of The Taliban

Taliban complete a year of their takeover of Kabul in mid-August 2022. It also means that the US and NATO have had sufficient time to assess their performance in a hostile environment spread over twenty years. While those assessments will not be made public any time soon one can comment on what is visible across […]

The winter of Our Discontent-Afghanistan

Afghanistan will continue to remain a never ending enigma for all. While Kabul is trying to distance itself from an inward looking movement to an outward looking government, it is obvious that the inner sanctum of the Taliban Leadership will be slow to take a meaningful leap in that direction.Stricter rules are emerging at regular […]

Reemergence of TTP after Taliban takeover and its impact on Pakistan’s Security

Since 15th August 2021, when Taliban took over Kabul, the security situation started changing rapidly in Afghanistan, with its after effects being faced in Pakistan. The ongoing fight between the Islamic State’s Khorasan chapter (IS-K) and the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan is having an impact on Pakistan’s security situation. IS-K announced a long-term war against […]

Survival of the Taliban

Taliban face five to six critical crises which they must surmount to survive. Potential famine, finances, internal divisions within the Taliban, the mounting real threat of ISIK/ DAISH/ ETIM/TTP which threatens their supremacy (mostly financed by outside forces) an ignorant and dysfunctional governance and finally international recognition. Taliban political opposition are all outside the country […]


In the run-up to his general election win in 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to protect Pakistan’s citizens by giving them access to timely justice and by providing them security. He promised to be better than other politicians and there have been some positive developments during his tenure. However, Pakistan’s security situation is influenced […]

Emergence of The Student Warriors

‘So Establish Weight and Justice and Fall Not Short in the Balance’ (Verse 9, Surah Rahman, Al-Quran.) The Verse from the Holy Quran is explained as; Balance and Justice, Goodness and Care are the laws of Allah’s World. Justice is a heavenly virtue. Heavens themselves are sustained by mathematical balance, and the Constellation Libra, the […]












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